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Capella IT is quickly becoming the trusted name in IT support for both large and small businesses, not just in the North East, but now across the UK and even internationally.

We understand that in this modern age, IT has become the nervous system for your entire business - seamlessly connecting all of your operations and your workforce, performing complex and mundane tasks that make your job easier, keeping your staff and clients safe and generating profit in the most efficient way possible.

From the ground level right up to your marketing, sales, and management, IT has the potential to take away the heavy lifting, leaving your staff free to use their skills and expertise to do what they do best. By partnering with Capella IT, you are safe in the knowledge that we speak the language of business. We intimately understand your business processes and goals and use that knowledge to make sure your IT is always performing to its peak capability to drive your business forward. With Capella IT, Your Success is our Business.

With Capella IT, Your Success is our Business.

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As standard, we make sure your IT and Communications systems are operating reliably, securely, and productively. We also specialise in a comprehensive range of services, including:
Going beyond keeping your IT and Communications operating reliably, securely and productively, because we also specialise in >
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Governance and Compliance
Ofsted and Safeguarding
Cyber Security
Data Security and Auditability
PCI and ISO Accreditations
Business Fundamentals
Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness
Line Of Business Applications, Processes and Workflows
Solutions for Healthcare and Education


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And here is what they say about working with our Team
    Managing Director at The Hennessy Partnership Complexed Care
    As a Complex care provider our IT and telecommunications is at the upmost importance to our residents & staff.

    We were searching the market to install and provide a whole new IT/Communications system for all our Services. We met Laurie and his team from Capella, and to say the least I was reassured of their streamlined processes and IT security, but most of all they are an IT provider that get and understand Care homes regulations.

    From the start of the project with site surveys, equipment surveys and to what we expected of the new systems was excellent. On commencement of the installations of IT/Phones/Communication software/IT software to all our services, their engineer’s communication and how mindful they were of working in a care service with complex care residents was exceptional.

    From start to finish we knew what was happening & where, Clear dates of installation and switch over to the new IT & phone system. But most importantly and at no point did we lose any IT/Phones services during the installation or switch over, which obviously as a complex care provider should we have lost any type of these services would have been critical impact to the business.

    I have worked in senior roles within the care industry for many years and have worked with many IT companies. To Many IT companies you are a contract, and they don’t get the care homes regulations. I Can honestly say Capella are by far the best I have worked with, most importantly the team have sound knowledge of care home guidance, they delivery and commit to what was agreed. It is a clear Partnership between Capella and us a as a care provider, we are not just a contract to them.
    Founder at SDA Ltd and Co-Founder at Lumiadd Ltd
    Laurie Guthrie has supported our companies IT needs for many years and has been integral in managing and servicing a complex 3D CAD data management system in addition to our main server. Laurie provides a comprehensive service with excellent knowledge in key areas of business IT.
    Founder at SDA Ltd and Co-Founder at Lumiadd Ltd
    Laurie Guthrie has supported our companies IT needs for many years and has been integral in managing and servicing a complex 3D CAD data management system in addition to our main server. Laurie provides a comprehensive service with excellent knowledge in key areas of business IT.

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