IT Support

We have flexible IT Support for all sized businesses and requirements


And don't worry if anything goes wrong, because we will already know about it.


Is going Cloud the right solution, if so then we have the answer with our offerings.

Cyber Security and Compliance

Protecting your business from the outside and the inside! with Data Loss Prevention and real-time 24/7 monitoring and intervention.


Our Unified Communications empower your teams with Voice, Video, SMS, WhatsApp, Website Chat, Facebook Messenger all in one place... you won't miss a thing!


Get the professional advice, guidance and planning your business needs to grow!



Lets Talk

When would it be best for you to have our first chat?

We're looking really forward to meeting with you...

How can we help you and your business?

During your first FREE consultation, we can get to know more about each others businesses and discover just how we can help.

We have a diverse team with a wealth of experience and skills in Technical, Business and Marketing.

We can talk about:

  • The problems you are currently, or soon to be facing
  • Your business goals and directions
  • Helping you achieve Governance, Compliance and Cybersecurity
  • Gaining a technological advantage over your competitors
  • and how we can help your business to scale and grow!

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What you may need to know
Capella IT is the legal brand identity of National IT Services and Communications Ltd.
Email Support
Support (Existing Customers): 0191 341 0049
Sales & Customer Services: 0191 341 0048
Main Line: 0191 303 7266
Email Billing:
Our office locations
Cambridge and London
Leeds and Hull
Co Durham
Sunderland and Newcastle

VAT registration number 422011956

NATIONAL IT SERVICES AND COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED is the legal identity of Capella IT, registered company 14227253

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